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Review of The Glen Cigar

By: Gary Manelski

The Glen is a cigar from Ted's Cigars that has been “seasoned” with Single Malt Scotch and sealed in a glass tube. In other words, it is a flavored cigar. Some cigar companies like to describe the process of adding artificial flavors to tobacco with words such as infused or seasoned, as well other terms. Which ever word you want to use, we usually do not review flavored cigars because the rating greatly depends how much you like the particular added flavor, as opposed to just the quality of the cigar tobacco. However, we do occasionally enjoy flavored cigars for a change of pace. And in the case of The Glen, the Scotch flavor does not overpower the taste of the cigar tobacco, but compliments it.

The Glen cigar is made with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican Piloto Cubano binder, and a blend of U.S. Broadleaf and Dominican Criollo filler tobaccos. The cigar sampled was the 650 Toro size (6x50), which is priced at $10 per single stick.

Aromas of tobacco and scotch were released upon opening the airtight glass tube. The scotch smell was noticeable, but did not subjugate the aroma of the tobacco. After lighting up, this was also true of the flavors. The Scotch complimented the somewhat sweet tobacco taste, making for a very enjoyable smoke. The Glen was medium bodied, and the taste was pretty consistent during the entire 60 minutes that it took me to smoke the cigar down to two inches remaining. During that time, the cigar had a good draw and a relatively even burn. A couple of touch-up lights were needed during the course of the smoke, and the cigar held a medium-to-long ash.

If you like Scotch Whiskey, you should enjoy The Glen cigar, especially when experienced along with a Single Malt Scotch or similar libation, such as the Kavanagh Single Malt Irish Whiskey that was recommended by my colleague, Dr. Mitch Fadem. Even if you do not like Scotch, you might still enjoy The Glen, but probably not quite as much as a Scotch drinker. Again, the infused Scotch flavor did not overpower the taste of the cigar tobacco, but complimented it. I rate The Glen cigar with 4 points on a 5-point scale. Consider trying just one for a change of pace.

The Glen Cigar
The Glen Cigar